Myths and Facts about Professional Introductions

Myths and Facts about Professional Introductions Tell me something about yourself,” is easily one of the most popular questions recruiters ask during a job interview. Does self-introduction make you uncomfortable? Do you always fumble when introducing yourself professionally? We bring you insider tips on myths and facts about professional introductions that should help you sail through job interviews.

A recent article from the Forbes magazine analyses why a lot of qualified job seekers miss out on being hired by their dream companies. If you think you’re one of them, read on to find out what you could be doing better.

In our resume series , we have talked about the importance of infographic resumes for catching the recruiter’s attention, useful tips for your first resume, as well a show best to use an infographic resume for your job search.Now having caught the recruiter’s attention, it is time to hold that attention with positive body language and the right interview skills. Remember that you have to be just as professional and interesting as your infographic resume!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so do it right!

Introducing yourself professionally

Fact: During an interview, the most important thing is to introduce yourself to the recruiter, with details that match the job description.

Walk your interviewer through your infographic resume, describing your job relevant skills, your education, work experience and awards. Remember that you don’t want to sound boring with a lot of unnecessary details that are irrelevant for the job role in question.

Myth: No body is interested in your personal details.

If your passions and interests can complement your potential role within an organisation; then yes, the recruiter is interested in your persona details. They are looking for a differentiator– and that usually lies in your personality.

Fact:Remember that an interview is about elimination.

The recruiter is looking for a statement that sets you apart from all the others for a particular job role.So say something about yourself that links with the job description. For instance, something like, “I am an explorer at heart and I travel a lot. I would be happy to be part of your expansion team and relocate to Jaipur, as mentioned in the job profile.”

Myth:Hobbies are a differentiator.

What you do to amuse yourself is not what the recruiter is interested in. However, your passion in an area or a subject linked to the job description may make you a potential candidate for the job. For instance, if sustainability is close to your heart, then you should let the interviewer know about it when applying for a role that involves environmental and ecological assessment of projects.

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