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Public Speaking and Presentation

Public Speaking and Presentation





Are you armed with smart techniques to win your business presentation?


Presentation Structure & Tools

Voice Modulation

Body language- Gestures & Postures

Business Pitch


Course Introduction and Manual

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1. Identifying and overcoming the barriers in public speaking/ presentation .

2. Practicing the Structure of presentation.

  • Learn successful Opening ( ice breakers)
  • How to build your own credibility
  • Acknowledging and engaging the audience
  • Designing time and participation
  • Delivering the intention – (call for action.)

3. Using body language, gestures and non verbal presentation to articulate and emphasis the content.

4. Making audience listen to you and listening the audience’s need.

5. Handling of difficult audience.

6. Facilitation tools to pull results than give.

7. Voice modulation for effective delivery over online and offline presentations.

8. Making the lesson plan ( content,design, ppt, video and script) for in response to audience need.

9. Persuasive communication.

10. Using mirror neuron to produce results and enroll audience.

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Debeshi Chakraborty is an ideator, designer, communication expert holding a Master’s degree from University College London, UK. A commonwealth scholar, she follows the motto ‘GROW TO GIVE’ in all endeavors of her professional and personal life.
More than 18 years of professional experience in more than 30 multi-national companies, Bela Bhatia has worked with diverse teams in back office operations, multi processes and projects. From understanding the need, to designing the product and customizing, she has trained thousands of participants of different cadre on varied skills, specializing in Communication Skills and Voice & Accent.


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