Introducing Easy Guidelines for Making Infographic Resumes

Introducing Easy Guidelines for Making Infographic Resumes Creating an impressive and effective infographic resume is your first opportunity to get your foot in the door. For most young freshers looking for jobs in the corporate world, getting the recruiter to notice you is the first step. It is an equally effective tool for experienced hands looking for better jobs or an industry change.

Let these easy guidelines help you in making your infographic resumes count:

1.Create Clarity with Infographic Resumes
Ensure that your infographic resume is clear about who you are in terms of your experience and your skill sets. It should speak about how you could add value to an organization by pointing out your unique selling points or USPs.

2.Help the Recruiter Spot You
An HR personnel typically has barely 5-7 seconds to select relevant resumes. Creating an impressive infograpic resume for yourself plays a vital role in this regard. It helps the recruiter to choose you from a towering stack of 1,000 applications that they may have received from aspiring candidates for a particular role.It’s a data war out there and you have to grab eyeballs with a fresh and accurate document of your abilities and potential.

3.Differentiate Yourself with a New Age Tool
If you need to stand out from the crowd, you will have to differentiate yourself. An infographic resume does just that for you by instantly attracting attention to itself. This New Age tool is a combination of information presented visually or graphically—and hence the term, ‘info-graphic’.

4.Go on a Data Hunt
As a first step, spot and sort the relevant data to match a particular job description. These could be information about your skills, awards received, language skills, software skills, completed projects, strength of teams handled, cities and geographies travelled, etc. Now arrange all your data piles in a visually pleasing manner. Remember that 90% of information is transmitted to us visually!



Here’s how to start creating your own infographic resume:

  • Sit with your job description & understand its requirements
  • Identify keywords from the job description
  • Now use those same keywords in your resume
  • Present all the data & keywords in a visually pleasing manner

Create your own infographic resume to land job interviews today!
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