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The unprecedented technological change of our times is rapidly changing the way organizations work around the world. To make their human talent ‘future ready’, today organizations need to skill up their employees with innovative abilities to negotiate the new world. These largely non-cognitive skills—or soft skills—are what need to be developed in tomorrow’s workforce. With their foreknowledge of tomorrow’s world, it is imperative for organizations to take action today. The following are the most relevant soft skills that DezineCareers helps to develop in your workforce:

Soft Skills for Soft Power

Inter-personal Skills:

Communication Skills

DezineCareers offers corporate training workshops on cross-cultural communication for global businesses, business communication skills with training in e-mail etiquette, drafting business documents, telephone etiquette, workplace communication and holding business conversations.

Leadership Skills

DezineCareers offers corporate training in developing leadership skills among your managers and business leaders. The training modules help to increase your awareness of current leadership styles and abilities, helping you to identify gaps and address them efficiently. We also offer special workshops for capacity building and encouraging leadership skills among women at the workplace.

Teamwork & Collaborative Skills

Team building skills and the ability to manage and deliver projects in a collaborative manner are of immense importance to all organizations. Our interactive workshops and corporate training modules help develop relevant traits for successful teamwork.

Organisational Skills

Our corporate training workshops offer effective modules for developing organisational abilities such as time management skills, conflict management skills, design skills for business presentations, negotiation skills for client management, etc.

Intra-personal Skills:

Stress Management

Stress is a bane of our times; and to be able to control ones emotions and levels of stress – both within and without – is a priceless ability. This helpful training toolkit helps individuals gain control over their senses and emotions through high levels of self-discipline abilities.

Work–Life Balance

Our ability to balance our work responsibilities within the larger arena of our lives is an essential ingredient for creating harmony and happiness. The ability to learn and recognize the position and importance of each life compartment, to learn to prioritize and delegate are some of the key training areas.

Design Thinking

How does an increasingly expanding global workforce—including CEOs—arm itself with skills to stay relevant in the future job market? The answer is through learning tools based on design thinking that will help create a ‘Future Ready’ workforce.

‘Design Thinking’ is a repeatable, human-centered method for creative problem solving through the creation of multiple prototypes. At DezineCareers, we have developed a customized toolkit through an extensive process of social experiments, collaborations, and engagements with other academic institutions. In the long run, our workshop module will serve as a life skill to test out various prototypes throughout an individual’s lifetime.

Office Ready Skills

At DezineCareers, we help your employees with basic ‘office ready’ skills, such as the ability to utilise the MS Office suite, including MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, etc. In addition, we also provide basic training for cold calling skills, voice and accent modulation, outbound telemarketing skills, etc.

Presentation Skills

While the world is busy consuming, the smart ones are presenting their business ideas, products and solutions. Presentation skills training includes sessions on developing verbal, non-verbal, listening and visual communication abilities. It is delivered in various formats according to end-user needs.

Infographics for Business

The term ‘infographics’ comes from ‘information + graphics’, where business information is conveyed through graphic formats. Strategy infographics, concept infographics, timeline inforgraphics, and benchmark infographics are some of the formats used by industry leaders to express their ideas and impress their audience. And at Dezinecareers we train you in doing the same via MS Powerpoint. If you have an idea and the information to go with it, you can quickly tell your story and share your ideas via infographics.

Teamwork & Collaborative Skills

Team building skills and the ability to manage and deliver projects in a collaborative manner are of immense importance to all organizations. Our interactive workshops and corporate training modules help develop relevant traits for successful teamwork.

Visual Story Telling

With 90% of business processes today having gone digital, the role of visual content has become supreme. With Big Data explosion and our own falling attention spans, it has become increasingly difficult to hold audience attention and win businesses. In this course, this data-telling or data reporting is transformed into storytelling, resulting in attractive and effective powerpoint presentations, business collateral or even business proposals. At DezineCareers we take you through the basic principles of visual communication and hold hands-on sessions on MS Powerpoint.

Dressing Etiquette

Etiquette defines your business image. It results in respect, trust and appreciation from your peers and your business community. It is your etiquette and the way that you conduct yourself that sets you apart from a crowd, acting as the differentiator that could potentially get the CEO to sit beside you. While transitioning from the campus to the workplace, across professional sectors, and even geographies, it is imperative that one adheres to an appropriate workplace dress code for creating the desired impact.

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