Top 10 Powerful Tips to Help You Speak English Fluently

There’s no doubt in the fact that English is now a global language. With the status of official language in 70+ countries around the world, its knowledge is essential since globalization has brought the world together. Not just the knowledge, this article emphasizes ten powerful tips that will definitely help you in speaking English fluently.

1. Maintain a diary to note down new words

Learning new words can enhance your vocabulary. Most of the time we hear a new word we remember it for a while and then forget. Noting it down definitely helps.

2. Learn the correct use of tenses

Tenses are the most essential part of any sentence. If you aren’t aware of the tense you need to use, you may convey an entirely different language.

3. Watch films in native language with English subtitles

Watching films in your native language along with English sub-titles helps you find new words and also shows you how to use the words in a sentence in a proper way.

4. Read books

Reading books can help you a lot. Just imagine how complex languages are used in novels or books. It is often believed that one must read complex books after learning the complex form of the language but contrary to popular beliefs, reading with basic knowledge of the language can help you understand and learn faster. The first few days could be difficult but it will certainly give a glimpse of what the language is.

5. Don’t opt for translators for translating sentences

Translations could be helpful but when you start relying on translations of complete sentences, you fail to understand the meaning. Moreover, online translating websites or online applications available aren’t correct all the time. That means you learn the wrong concepts and confuse yourself.

6. Don’t fear the active and passive forms

Many people often believe that a sentence written in active and passive forms are different. This happens because concepts of the forms are often ignored. To understand the difference let’s consider an example:

Active: Sam saw the birds flying away

Passive: The flying birds were seen by Sam

Here, the two sentences are the same but written in different forms. If you have the command over it. Learning English won’t take much time.

7. Join an institute

Joining an institute can help you well. Students who had enrolled at Dezinecareers testified that joining it enabled them to get their doubts cleared. In fact, they said Dezinecareers the best institute for a course in Spoken English in Gurgaon.

8. Speak in English with friends

Speaking in English with a friend can help you improve your vocabulary. IT not only helps you but also helps your friend in learning the language.

9. Turn the autocorrect option of your devices off

Don’t let the OS of your device improve its English by correcting your faults. Do it yourself as it will help you know what you lack.

10. Be ready to learn the difference between American and British English

Though English is English, there is a slight difference between American and British English. No, it isn’t about replacing z with s. It’s about understanding the difference and analyze or analyze so that you never lag behind. In fact, such things are important if you are preparing for tests like IELTS and you are planning to get IELTS coaching in Gurgaon then Dezinecareer renowned to be the best IELTS coaching institute in Gurgaon. Join it and complete your dreams

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