Advantages of Infographic Resumes over Graphic Resumes

Advantages of Infographic Resumes over Graphic Resumes

An infographic resume is the New Age tool for job seekers like you to sell your brand to recruiters and prospective employers. In our resume series, we have already covered the importance of inforgraphic resumes for catching the recruiter’s attention and useful tips for writing your first resume. Today we will discuss how to use them, and how not to use them.

In a recent letter to his Tesla employeesto increase productivity, Elon Musk has advocated the need for keeping it simple. To quote Musk, ‘Anything that requires an explanation inhibits communication.’That is where infographic resumes[ditto skills training link] come in, because they provide clear information and hold the recruiter’s attention. With HR personnel unlikely to spend more than a few seconds on your job application, remember to keep it to the point.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so do it right!


Overdone graphics of 100% graphic resumes compromise on clarity Infographicresumes v/s graphic resumes

Creatively designed graphic resumes end up losing information and clarity, which is the USP of the infographic (‘information+ graphics’) resume.In the conventional Indian job market, moreover, completely graphic resumes that use images and graphs do not work. Overdone graphics and images often end up compromising key information. In the Indian job scenario, therefore, ahybridinfographic resume format that maintains clarity, and uses a combination of text and appropriate use of smart icons, works best.

When to use infographic resumes

Your infographic resume is a perfect networking tool,because it visually showcases your strengths and skill sets in a single page. In terms of job applications, however, they are not always applicable for all job sectors in India. While they are acceptable for jobs in communications, marketing, advertising, PR,IT, and design, etc., they not right for jobs in the finance or government sectors.
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Remember that in the Indian context, a combination or hybrid infographic resume is best suited, because:

  • They are created for the conventional Indian audience
  • They are crisp & professional
  • They are easy to read
  • They offer clear information


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