The future of work is changing, and it is changing very fast.

The way we work is evolving to meet the new demands of a marketplace driven by advancing technology.The new world that awaits us around the corner will need new skills to negotiate it.

A new report published by Dell Technologies says :

“85 per cent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet, estimates the report, which was authored by the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and a panel of 20 tech, business and academic experts from around the world.”

At Dezinecareers, our vision is to create a generation of Future-Ready professionals.


The answer is through a Future Ready model comprising of new age learning tools that will help create a ‘Future Ready’ workforce.

New Age tool - based learning

Applicable for producing results anytime and in any unknown ,new situation.

Traditional tool - based learning

Applicable for known,traditional situations.

Process based

Process - based learning like driving, swimmimg, cycling once learnt never forgotton

Solution based

Uses a solution-based approach like tips and techniques,solving issues for one time.

Customised format

Delivers customized solutions in a toolkit format acknowledging future situation.

General format

Delivers generic training output accounting only current situation.


Professional Skill Trainings:

We train young-mid level and senior professionals and arm them with new-age professional skills to win tomorrow’s battles .We do it through:

  • – Classroom sessions
  • – Online sessions
  • – One to one mentoring
  • – Signature Sessions
Future Ready Mentoring:

Our specifically designed workshop module serves as a foundation to test out various prototypes for crafting future career paths and make informed decision.

Creating SMART Citizens:

We believe in “Digital India” and support our national mission through the creation of convenient, flexible and accessible skill development modules for tech-challenged groups.

The system will enable anybody from any part of the globe to learn and earn together.


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