5 More Tips to Prepare for IELTS Reading Tests

Here are five more tips to help you prepare for your IELTS reading test . In our last blog, we had shared with you the top five tips to prepare for IELTS reading tests . So here’s some more easy techniques to get a high band score  in your IELTS examination .

i. Remain Focussed
No matter how difficult the test passage, do not lose your focus. Do not waste time trying to understand any one sentence or word that you are stuck with. Move on and quickly read the whole passage.

ii. Highlight or Underline while Reading
Underline key words and sentences. This includes highlighting facts and figures shared in the test passage. Try taking the Reading practice test 1.


The meaning of “false” & “no” in an IELTS question is that the “information is contradictory or opposite”. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these two words mean the “information does not match”.

iii. Follow the Order 
The questions are always in order of the flow of the passage. Don’t panic by reading the entire passage to find the answer. Just follow the order.

iv. Move On
If you are stuck with a particular question, leave it for the time being. Don’t waste your time in answering questions you are not confident about. You can return to them once you are through with all the questions in all the three sections.

v. Do Not Ignore the Instructions
The questions come with instructions. Some may say: ‘answer in one word’. Don’t go ahead and write two words when they have asked for a one word response. The best way is to underline or highlight the instructions.

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