How to Complete IELTS Reading in 50 Minutes

How to Complete IELTS Reading in 50 MinutesIELTS Reading test is spread over an hour. It is only through practice that you can learn how to spot key information from the passage and not waste time on sentences and words that are not going to help you with the answers. Enroll yourself at the best IELTS coaching institute and let your IELTS coach guide you through it.We share some quick tips and tricks on how to complete IELTSGurgaon Reading in 50 minutes:

  1. Just pick up the newspaper, old textbooks, magazines, journals, letters etc. The more you read the more you get accustomed to the flow of words. On the day of your IELTS test, you will be in a better position to register what you have read.
  2. You need to complete all three passages You cannot ignore the third passage at the cost of the other two.
  3. Skim and scan the passage The overall scanning helps to spot figures and other key information. This will help you answer the questions based on the passage.
  4. Out of the 60 minutes, not more than 15 minuteseachshould be spent on the first two passages, and 20 minutes on the last passage. Spend the pending10 minutes on going through your answers.
  5. Do not get stuck on a particular question. Do not spend more than a minute on any question. Ensure that you complete the test.

Apply these strategies to completeyourIELTS Reading test in 50 minutes.


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How to complete IELTS Reading in 50 minutes
How to complete IELTS Reading in 50 Minutes


If you prepare yourself well, you can easily complete all the tasks – be it reading, writing, listening or speaking – within the given time.

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