Easy Way to Pass IELTS Exams

Do Away with the Myths & Concentrate on the Facts!

Easy way to pass IELTS exams  is to ensure that you prepare yourself equally well for all the four skills you will be tested for – the IELTS reading, Ielts writing, speaking and listening skills.Be assured that the easy way to pass IELTS exams  is all about knowing how to separate the myths from the facts. Fluency in the English language is not enough to have a high band score for the IELTS speaking exam. Avoid this most common mistake or myth about the IELTS speaking test to ensure a high band score.
Here we clear the most common myths surrounding the IELTS speaking exam:

MYTH: IELTS Speaking Test is the Easiest
It is a common mistake in IELTS speaking test to assume that being able to converse in the English language is guaranteed to help you score more. The examiner is right before you to judge you on the way you present yourself, your ability to think and articulate your thoughts in the English language.

Hacks to improve your IELTS speaking score:
Remember: the IELTS speaking test is like a formal interview. Consisting of three parts, it lasts for about 14 minutes, when you’ll be tested on your ability to understand and speak the language with ease.

MYTH: Complex Words & Sentences Will Get You a Better IELTS Score
Not if you make grammatical errors while speaking. The use of words have to be in sync with what you plan to convey without any grammatical errors in your sentence construction.

MYTH: I Need to Have an Accent
The IELTS examiner is interested to judge you on your pronunciation, grammar, fluency and use of words. Your accent is not an evaluation criterion. Remember that clear pronunciation carries 25% of your total speaking test score. So brush up on that poor pronunciation and get a trained IELTS coach to help you with it.  

MYTH: Inability to Answer a Question Correctly Leads to a Low Score
Knowledge of current affairs for IELTS exam does not matter. In an IELTS examination, there is no right or wrong answer. How well you articulate your thoughts to the questions put forth is what you would be judged upon rather than on current affairs.

MYTH: IELTS Speaking Test is a Grammar Test
Absolutely not! Besides testing you on your English grammar, the IELTS speaking test is designed to test you on fluency and coherence, vocabulary and pronunciation .

MYTH: It is Not Okay to Not Understand a Question
That is a myth that scares most people taking the IELTS examination. It is okay to request the examiner to repeat the question. An easy way to pass the IELTS exam is to use certain phrases when you are not too sure of how best to respond to the question immediately.

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