10 Best IELTS Speaking Tricks to Expand your Answer

10 Best IELTS Speaking Tricks to Expand your Answer

~Do not restrict yourself to just answering with a yes or no or in a few words while taking your IELTS Speaking test~

IELTS Speaking Test can help you increase your overall band score Coaching at a reputed IELTS training institute under the guidance of an expert IELTS training coach will help you appear for the exam.Important tips for IELTS Speaking Test

  1. Warm up! This is essential because it helps you ready your thought process.
  2. Begin slow. Collate your thoughts and be composed as you begin.
  3. In between your answers, give a silent pause. Do not rush with your answers.
  4. Who, what, where, when and how. These are the five questions that will help you expand on any given subject.
  5. If you find yourself stuck on any a question, use the phrase: “Okay, please allow me two seconds to put my thoughts together.” For example, on the question: “Where do you normally go out on weekends?” You can respond by saying: “Well, on weekends I normally go to meet my grandma who lives ten minutes away from my residence. I usually walk it up and I prefer going towards the afternoon as I get to spend more time with her.”That’s how you basically expand your answer by covering the when, why, what, where and how!
  6. Do not give a one-line answer. If the question is: “Do you like going to shopping malls?”This can be answered with a “Yes” or a “No”. But it would be better to say: “I do not really enjoy going to malls as I find them too noisy and crowded. I would rather walk into a store on a high street or if I know what I am looking for, I would buy it online.” So here you have not only expanded on your answer, but you have also given the examiner enough words to test your English speaking ability.

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IELTS Speaking Test is all about testing your fluency, coherence, and pronunciation. Do not worry about giving a wrong or right answer. Think of the answer in your mother tongue and then translate your thoughts into English.


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