5 Steps to Improve Your Reading Skills

5 steps to improve your reading skills will help you narrow down on the essentials while preparing for your IELTS Reading Test . This will eventually help you improve your IELTS score .
IELTS reading tests are often difficult and the shared texts not easy to comprehend. The time given to read is limited and the questions that follow are quite a few. Under the guidance of an expert coach, you can develop good reading skills to get a brand score of 6.5 and above.

i. Use Your Leisure Time to Read
Whenever you have time, pick up a book. General academic texts will be better as the IETS Reading Test usually has texts from this genre. Reading textbooks and journals will help you with your reading test and overall IELTS band score .

ii. Time Your Reading
You have 20 minutes for each reading section. When reading, time yourself with a stop watch for each reading session. If you find yourself stuck at a particular question, move on to the next. With an expert coach you will be able to train yourself to complete the task in time.


Visit your local or college library to pick up copies of the National Geographic, Harvard Business Review and the Economist. They will help you prepare for IELTS reading tests.

iii. Invest in a Dictionary
As you read, you may come across difficult words. Sit with your dictionary, a small notepad and pen / pencil. As you encounter difficult words, jot them down and check for meanings and pronunciation. This practice will also help you prepare for IELTS listening tests .

iv. A Quick Overview
When you have the text, the first thing to do is to read the title and subtitle. Then focus on the beginning and the end. This will help you to quickly grasp what the entire text is about, helping to answer the test questions correctly.

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