IELTS Vocabulary for the high score

IELTS Vocabulary for the high score

IELTS Vocabulary for the high score

IELTS an exam conducted by the British Council is a means to check whether or not the respective candidate qualifies to enter the universities, colleges, companies, etc. It looks after varied skills of the candidate like the reading skills, writing skill, communicational abilities, etc and ranks them through the IELTS band score. Among all, there exists one more important part which is looked after and that is the vocabulary of the respective candidate. A set of words which they are well familiar with are also checked among the test to find the right candidate and qualify them for the right job.
IELTS coaching in Gurgaon is meant for guiding the candidates and making them aware of how should they continue to work and to improve.
Many professors, looked after the books, magazines and other journals and got a complete set of 570 words which are used in the IELTS exams. These words are meant for the candidates so that they can get well familiar with the same and comprehend the same during their Reading or Listening section of the IELTS. One must not just be able to understand but must be able to use the same in a better way in the Speaking and the writing sections of IELTS. For getting to learn better and use the same in the next sitting of the exam, one must follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Get 3 pens (different colours) and a notebook.
  • Start with the high frequency and move to the lowest of it which is measured to be 10.
  • Explain the words, know the words and every day 5 words learning should not be stopped.
  • Try writing a complex or a compound sentence using the words learnt. While the framing of sentences use some person name of incidents so that the words connected to same can be easily remembered at the time of need. The sentences apart from the above-mentioned points should be framed as such they can look interesting or must have some uniqueness.
  • Paraphrasing is very important after a day or 2 by keeping the word intact (Vocabulary word used previously).
  • Follow the same every day till the exams and look after every mistake every time a sentence is framed.

The words with the highest frequency are 1 and with the least frequency is measured as 10.

1.Analyse                            2. Achieve                           3. Alternative                     4.Communicate

Analysis                                  Acquire                              Correspond                         Implicate

Approach                               Impact                                 Framework                         Series

Data                                        Injure                                   Philosophy                          Undertake

Function, etc.                        Perceive, etc                       Volume, etc                         Promote, etc


  1. Fundamental            6. Abstract                  7. Comprehensive     8. Ambiguous

Discrete                          Discriminate               Differentiate              Contradict

Perspective                    Intelligence                 Isolate                          Fluctuate

Welfare                           Nevertheless              Somewhat                    Restore

Psychology, etc.            Utilize, etc.                  Voluntary, etc             Widespread, etc


9.Accommodate                        10. Adjacent

Commence                                    Notwithstanding

Inherent                                        Panel

Preliminary                                   So-called

Vision, etc                                     Whereby, etc.

The above-mentioned words, apart from the list available with the institutes like Dezine Careers, prepare the candidates well. They not just guide through words but make sure that the candidates receive a proper knowledge and professional work so that they lack behind in no way. They prepare a candidate all ready for the environment they will be receiving outside India. With proper help and close guidance to all, they help the candidate to look after their weak point and make sure that they perform well for their exams. From reading to writing and the listening, communication, all of the same is checked and proper training is provided to the candidates so that they can receive a good band score and also they can make sure that they remain confident for what they are pursuing their further course. So, it is just the institutes like Dezine Careers and hard work which help get the true success.

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