How to Improve your IELTS Writing Skill Immediately!

Wondering how to improve your IELTS writing skill immediately? The task may seem daunting, but with planning and dedication, it is achievable. Enroll yourself at thebest IELTS coaching institute for a high band score in each of the IELTS tests – IELTS Speaking test, IELTS Reading test, IELTS Writing test and IELTS Listening test. Moreover, under the guidance of an expert coachyou will also appear confident on the day of your IELTS examination.

We have narrowed down upon the most important action points to help you improve your IELTS writing skill immediately.

1. Read the Prompt: Most students directly jump to begin with the test without reading the questions/prompts properly. During your practice sessions, make it a habit to first read and understand the prompt before beginning the test.

2Make an Outline: Once you have understood the prompt, make an outline. You only have about forty minutes for the test. Making a plan will help you to think about what you want to say.

3. Address the task at hand: Do not deviate from the topic shared. Understand it, draw an outline, and stick to the topic. Any deviation will mean that you have not understood the topic well. This will have a negative impact on your overall band score.


Do not rush ahead as soon as you have the IELTS exam paper in your hands. Read and understand what is needed. Then draw a plan. Your coach will help you with the main dos and don’ts. Keep the list before you during your practice sessions.

4. Check the Word Count : You need to develop a habit of not just writing what is relevant, but also to ensure that the word count is more than 250. This specially holds true for writing task 2 where there is a penalty for writing less than the required word count!


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