5 Tips for Writing Task 1: General Letter Structures

5 Tips for Writing Task 1: General Letter Structure

As part of the IELTS writing test , the first task is to write a letter. Joining a reputed IELTS coaching institute  will help you prepare better, including writing essays for IELTS. Under a coach, you can confidently prepare for IELTS Writing Task 1, which is getting to know the general letter structure.i. Firstly, understand the subject type of letter you have to write. Is it a formal, semi-formal, or informal letter? Your tone, choice of words, as well as the opening and closing lines will be decided by the subject type.

ii. No matter what the ‘scenario’ for the letter is, the examiner will score for: (a.) the structure, (b.) vocabulary, and (c.) language fluency. Use standard phrases for letters, and learn the correct spelling of commonly used words.

iii. Break up your letter into at least three paragraphs. There should be: (a.) an introduction, (b.) general body, and (c.) conclusion to the letter.

iv. Do not deviate from the topic. Remember that you just have 20 minutes or less to complete the letter. Stick to the main points shared in the question, and avoid any complications in your story.

The IELTS General Task 1 letter accounts for 30 per cent of your writing score. Since Task 2 needs more time, you should not exceed 20 minutes for the letter.

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Depending on the type of letter, it is important to choose the opening and closing sections. The first paragraph should state the purpose of your letter. This should not be more than two sentences. The last paragraph can either summarise the letter, or if the topic needs the reader to reply to your letter, let the last section lead the reader to do so.


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