Avoid these 10 Mistakes in IELTS Speaking Tests

Avoid these 10 Mistakes in IELTS Speaking Tests

These top 10 common mistakes in IELTS can be easily avoided with the help of useful techniques and personal coaching. To help you achieve a strong band score, we bring you a list of 10 most common mistakes that you can avoid.Common Mistakes in IELTS Speaking Tests

i. DO NOT be obsessed with using fancy vocabulary anywhere and everywhere
The most common mistake in IELTS speaking test is to assume that using fancy vocabulary will help impress the examiner. Wrong. Whether you are writing an essay or sitting before the examiner for a speaking test, if you are not sure of the words to be used, DO NOT use them. Ensure you know the meaning of the words you use.

ii. DO NOT stick with complex sentences while writing or speaking
When you are sitting to start an IELTS essay or appearing for your IELTS speaking test, avoid using complex sentences. They will not only confuse your chain of thought, but will turn off the examiner as well

iii. Your technical knowledge is not tested on IELTS speaking
The most common IELTS speaking test preparation is to waste time in brushing up with technical knowledge that includes spending time on reading about current affairs. Instead, spend time on bettering your grammar skills.

iv. DO NOT rush while answering writing or speaking questions
Take time to understand the question and to collate all your thoughts together. There is absolutely no need for you to rush with your answer.

v. DO NOT try to impress the examiner with an accent
Your band score depends on your grip over the English language. The examiner is not going to consider your accent. On the contrary, any attempt to fake an accent might irritate the examiner.

vi. DO NOT use your gut feel every-time, especially while answering True and False Questions
Think well before answering. You should not answer the True and False questions based on your instincts. Read the questions well, or if it is a speaking test, listen to the examiner. Analyse the question well before responding.

vii. DO NOT forget to enjoy yourself
Hard work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! IELTS tests are not supposed to stress you out. If you prepare well under an expert coach, there is no reason for you not to enjoy your IELTS examination preparation.

viii. DO NOT shy away from flaunting your creativity
When you start with your IELTS essay, let your creativity shine. Make your essays as creative as possible using elements from everyday life. This connects with the examiner.

ix. DO NOT forget to make notes while taking your IELTS listening and reading tests

An important IELTS reading tip and technique is to take notes during the listening and reading tests.

x. DO NOT guess the answers for your IELTS reading test, nearly all the answers are from the reading passage
A trick to avoid spelling mistakes in IELTS is to read the passage carefully and pull out answers from it. This avoids unnecessary guessing of words and spellings.

IELTS reading tips and techniques need to be implemented for a high band score.

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