How to Calculate your IELTS Score and Understand your Band 

How to Calculate your IELTS Score and Understand your Band If you have been wondering how to calculate your IELTS score and understand the IELTS bands for general and academic purposes , here is a rough and ready guide. Read on to know how best you can calculate your score and understand the bands.

Understanding IELTS
The IELTS is a test you need to take for studying or working in a native English language speaking country. A high band score in this examination is important for overseas visas to countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia, etc. There is not pass or fail in this test. Your test results are evaluated on the basis of a band score. What is a good IELTS score ? On a scale of 0-9, the higher you score, better are your chances while applying for a college or for a visa – general and academic.

Understanding your IELTS Band Score
IELTS scores range from 0 to 9 and these can be ending with ‘0.5’ as well, e.g., ‘5.5’, ‘6.5’, or ‘7.5’, etc. The IELTS exam has four parts – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each test is given a score, such as an IELTS ‘listening score’, ‘reading score’, ‘speaking score’ and ‘writing score’. These scores are then aggregated for your final band score

In this case, your band score is 6 What is a Good IELTS Band Score
Based on the IELTS evaluation criterion, ‘9’ represents an expertise in the English language, and ‘8’ means that you are ‘very good’ in English, and so on.

How do I improve my IELTS Band Score
Practice and appear for mock tests, preferably with an institute. A reputed training institute will help you achieve your target of a strong band score above ‘6’. A minimum of ‘6’ is accepted by universities across the globe, except for the likes of institutions like Harvard and the Oxford University, where the minimum requirement can be above ‘7’.

IELT Band Score for Different Countries
Each country has set a band score that is accepted by them before they issue visas – academic or general. For e.g., in Canada, a band score less than ‘6’ is not considered. It is highly recommended that you get yourself trained under an expert coach for a high band score. The coach shall help you with preparation and practice for IELTS . Check various institutes online and ensure you get in touch with the best. Read various blogs  on IELTS for acquainting yourself with relevant information.

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Understanding IELTS Band Score:
Let’s show you how it works. Suppose you have scored ‘4.5’ in the listening test, ‘6.5’ in the reading, ‘7’ in writing and ‘5.5’ in the speaking test. Add these together and divide them by ‘4’ to get the average. 4.5 + 6.5 + 7 + 5.5 = 23.523.5/4 = 5.875

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