How to Score 8+ in Writing Task

How to score 8+ in your writing task?

Here we tell you how! The very thought of it may seem unachievable, especially if you are not fluent with the English language. But once you commit yourself to prepare for the IELTS test with dedication, achieving a band score of 8+ is not impossible. Better still, enroll yourself at the best IELTs training institute . Under the guidance of an expert IELTS coach , you will be prepared not just for IELTS writing skills but will achieve a band score of 8+ too!

Here are our top 5 quick tips to help you score 8+ in your IELTS writing task .

1.  The IELTS Writing test would have two tasks. Ensure you answer both questions . Do not write your answer in a single long paragraph. Use small paragraphs for easy reading and to structure your writing.

2. When you have the question paper before you, spend time to go through it. Don’t spend too much time, but do not rush through it either.

3. Sprinkle your answer with a few complex words. Sit with your coach and note some key words you can use.

4.  Avoid long sentences in your IELTS writing test . Ideally, each sentence should not have more 12 to 25 words . Keep it short and simple.

5. Ask your coach for as many IELTS Writing test  samples as possible. Time yourself as you answer these .

If you keep these basics in mind for your IELTS Writing test, you can easily score 8.00–8.5!

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Check the eligible band score for the University you are applying at, or the occupation you plan to take up in an English speaking nation. There are a tiny few who insist on having a band score of 8+.

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