How much can you say from a handshake?

Handshakes are like the first conversations that you have when you meet with someone for the first time. Like we all know, the first impression is the last impression. So, why not make it the best impression?

One thing that you should know before having to go to the interview of your dream job is that they don’t know you. They don’t know what you did before that day and what you are feeling on that day or at that moment. All they know is what you’ve showed them – in your resume. Even now, what they’ll know is what you will show them. So if you’re paranoid or nauseas or nervous, don’t let it show, so you won’t let them know.

Yes, there are suggestions like “be yourself” or “don’t pretend” but once you have shown them that you are confident enough to face their questions, you will automatically come to being your own self.Handshakes are the first and foremost impression that you make with your colleagues, boss, employee, and of course your interviewer.
Here are 5 ways to get the most lasting handshake(impression):


This is the kind of handshake wherein the person comes into a nice formal handshake and very absent-mindedly remains in the handshake. He forgets about “leaving-the-hand” part and continues to talk on. It gets really awkward for the other person because maybe this is your first meeting and you are still holding hands. So, be attentive and don’t let the handshake last for more than 5 seconds.


This is the kind of handshake where the palm of the hand is facing the ground. This puts up an image of dominance to the person shaking your hand. So be careful when and with whom to use this handshake. You don’t want to be showing authority to your own boss.


This one is very common and more than that very informal. A weak and limply handshake portrays lack of confidence and strength. You don’t want to come out as lifeless. So be strong in your handshake-which is what is next..


This is the kind of handshake that shows your confidence. This does not mean you crush the other person’s hand. The handshake must be firm but not hard. If the other person offers a limp hand, just give it a tight squeeze.


Most people may have good handshakes but they miss out on the part of the “eye-contact”. Though not very noticeable, an eye-contact makes huge difference in one’s impression. Making eye-contact is a plus point to one’s good handshake as it adds up to the confidence. So before going in for the handshake, smile and make eye-contact while extending your hand and keep the contact while the handshake lasts.

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