Body Language : The Loudest

The writing in bold stands true, especially in the corporate world. Your body language speaks louder and it is more effective than your verbal speech. When you walk into that interview room or that conference room you should know that you start getting judged even before you have a chance to speak. It becomes extremely essential to pose a decent body language when in your place of work.

  • The hair twirling:

    This one is mainly for the ladies. There is this unmanageable habit that comes naturally to most ladies – twirling a strand of hair between your fingers. This happens mostly when you’re thinking too hard on some matter which is mostly out of context of the matter of discussion in the room. This is a sign of absent-mindedness and poses a bad image. So ladies, no playing with your bangs!

  • The beard-scratching:

    This one is clearly for the men. Well it applies to men without beards as well. There is this unforced tendency of people to scratch their chins and look for something in their beards while sitting in a meeting or even while working on the laptop. This definitely helps a lot of people in thinking harder, but it sure doesn’t look good in a work place. So avoid the hunt.

  • Sulking in the chair:

    When in a place of work, it becomes extremely important to be in your best postures. Sulking in the chair with just your head visible, leaning over the desk, or even leaning the entire body on one armrest of the chair are all types of bad postures. A good posture not only makes you look good but it also reduces fatigue and keeps you keyed up through your day.

  • Sluggish handshakes:

    Handshakes and greetings play a very crucial role in the world of business. Having a good and firm handshake boosts your confidence and gives a good image of you to your clients and colleagues. Have a firm, but not very tight handshake. Furthermore, make sure it last for not more than 5 seconds.

  • Overstated gestures:

    Overstated gestures or exaggerated movements like rolling of eyes, extra hand movements while talking, cracking the knuckles, all are a big no-no! Especially rolling of the eyes.It is not only informal but it is very disrespectful to the person you are interacting with. Very often, it depicts a negative image of over-confidence.

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