Dressing Etiquettes : minimise the noise

The very famous Steve Jobs once said- “Appearance is not the design. Design is the way it works.”In the corporate world, it is the most important thing to look not only presentable but to be first-class. It is human nature to judge people on their appearance even before you are given a chance to speak. Business etiquettes for dressing is all about how you present yourself. Read on to find out about the 6 ways you can better your dressing sense:

  • Well groomed:

Before anything, remember to take a bath. This is the first step towards looking good and fresh. It wipes away any bad odour and makes you look fresh. Give a nice comb to your hair and make sure you don’t spray too much perfume. You don’t want to make it very obvious. After this is done, you’re set to the part of the closet.

  • The day of the week:

Most companies have different dress codes for different days of the week. Like for example, Fridays are the casual days. This does not mean you wear shorts and flip-flops or a poncho and slippers for the ladies. Causal still means formal but lesser than those of the other days. In case you’re not sure, always go with the formals, and subtract the blazer/coat.

  • The minimum,the maximum:

The thing about formal wear is that, the least number of clothing you have on, the better you look. It is also much easier for you to handle yourself. Blazers and waist-coats are too many and too formal as well. Unless there is a really important meeting with top-notches and biggies, you are good to lose the extras.

  • Formal does not mean flashy:

A work place needs to look sober and soft. So heels with sequins or ear-rings the length of your neck are a big no no. For the men, flashy tie-pins or heavy cuff-links should be avoided. The women can rather wear studs in their ears and shoes that are not party wear. The men also avoid the cuff links unless it is very necessary.

  • Do not reveal:

Rolled up sleeves, buttoned down shirts for men and above the knee skirts, crop tops for women are far from being formal. When in your place of work, even if in your own cabin always keep up the formal attire. Sleeves and shirts must be completely buttoned and the skirts should be a minimum of knee-length with tucked in shirts.

  • Don’t try to blind:

Always choose sober and muted colours for your formal wear. These colours are soft on the eyes and give a pleasing appearance. Whereas colours like orange, yellow and magenta are very loud and flashy. So be as minimalistic with the colours as possible.

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