Avoid Common Mistakes in IELTS Writing to Improve Your Score

Common mistakes in IELTS  written tests should be avoided to improve your overall IELTS score . To help you get a high Ielts band score , we bring you some useful essay writing tips. Here we discuss some of the common mistakes people make on IELTS writing tests.

Our first advice to you is always to read all the writing test questions carefully. Read them multiple times, if necessary!

Common Mistakes in IELTS

Writing essay questions can sometimes become quite difficult because of the time limit. So here are some key tips to get your IELTS essay questions right. Read on!

Read & analyse the essay question: The IELTS essay questions always have instructions for exactly what students are expected to write. So read the essay question carefully and identify the imbedded instruction words, such as ‘analyse’, ‘discuss’, ‘support argument’, etc. These words tell you exactly how you should approach the essay question.


Top 5 tips to improve your IELTS written score:

  • Use clear and simple language
  • Be concise, yet informative
  • Use examples to illustrate points
  • Link paragraphs
  • Keep to the word count

Answer the essay question directly: It is very important that you answer the essay question directly, instead of writing about other related topics. The examiner would not be interested, you would be wasting your time and neither would it improve your written test scores.

Avoid making common grammar mistakes
Some of the most common mistakes in IELTS essay questions are grammatical errors. While writing their IELTS exam, many students make the mistake of using sentence fragments, very long run-on sentences, improper preposition usage or verb tense issues that lower scores.

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