IELTS Speaking: How to greet the examiner?

Are you prepared for your IELTS speaking test ? Have you also taken lessons on how to greet the examiner ? If you have enrolled yourself into the best IELTS coaching institute in your city, your expert coach will share tips for the same. Greeting the examiner  is often known as Part 0 of the IELTS Speaking test .

Read on to find out the dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you take your IELTS Speaking test . Visit our blog  for more tips.

1. During your IELTS speaking test , you will have to enter a room where your examiner will be seated. Remember to give a slight knock on the door and say, “May I come in?” in a pleasant tone.

2. Before the examiner begins with the actual Speaking Test , you will be asked answer 4 questions involving a brief introduction  of your name and your place of origin.

3. The examiner may begin by saying, “Good afternoon. My name’s Robert Cruz. What’s your full name?” Do not respond by saying, “Good afternoon, Mr. Robert.” Titles are not used with first names in English.

4.Introduce yourself by saying, “My name’s Radhika.” Avoid saying, “My name is Radhika. It is recommended you use a contraction. Pronounce your name slowly and clearly.


Practice standing before a mirror. Check your facial expressions and body language when you introduce yourself. The more you practice, the better are your chances of avoiding any hints of nervousness on the day of the test.

5. The second question  the examiner asks you is how best to address you. You can respond by saying, “Please feel free to call me Radhika.” In case you have a difficult name and you wish to just share a short version of your name, go ahead and do so, but don’t spend any time in explaining it

6. The third question will be about where you come from. The best way to respond is with a short elaboration. If you come from Mumbai, you can say, “I come from Mumbai, which also happens to be the commercial capital of India.” Some information on the place (either a speciality or its location, e.g., western India) will help to impress the examiner.

7. The fourth question of Part 0 is where the examiner asks for your identification card / ID card. Hand it over with a smile saying, “Sure, here it is.” Use both your hands to hand over the card, holding it from the edge.

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