Top #3 Skills You will Need to Find a Job in Tomorrow’s World

Top #3 Skills You will Need to Find a Job in Tomorrow’s World

These are the top three skills you will need to find jobs in the future, according to the recent McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), Skill Shift report. The report highlights the key skill areas that our millennial talent need to focus on today for the jobs of tomorrow. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation transform the workplace, you will increasingly need:

  • Social and emotional skills, such as adaptability and empathy; as well as the ability to communicate and negotiate effectively. Empathy, in particular, will be key in a job market dominated by automation and AI.

By 2030, McKinsey thinks 24% more time will need to be spent on Social skills than today.

  • Technological skills, such as data analysis, engineering and research.The workforce of the future will need to change fast. Moreover, to be able to work alongside automated systems, MGIpredicts a massive 55% increase in the number of hours spent using technological skills by 2030.
  • Higher cognitive skills, which include strong writing and mathematical skills. Critical thinking and complex information processing are skills that doctors, accountants and writers have. By 2030, the hours spent using higher cognitive skills will increase by 8%.

Do you have the right skill sets for the future of work?

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