10 mistakes to avoid in interviews

For most people an interview is a session of interrogation or viva wherein one person asks the questions and the other answers rather expressionlessly. What most people fail to understand is that an interview is more of a jaw-jaw in a much milder and sophisticated tone.Now, although it is a kind of formal conversation, there are a few mistakes and behavioural aspects that must be avoided and corrected during an interview.


As we all know- “first impression is the last impression”.
This indeed stands true especially when you need to pass the interview. It is very important to arrive in time for the interview. Not late but not even early.


When going for an interview it is not only important to have formal attire but also that it is neat and crumple-free. Moreover free ends must be neatly tucked in and it should not look like it is overdone.


It is imporant to be “available” or “just a call away” but what is more important is that you get accepted at this interview. This is why it is important that there is no buzzing of phones during the course of the interview. Therefore, make sure you switch off your cell phone before entering the room.


Nothing can be worse than not knowing about the company you are interviewing for. So, make sure you do ample amount of home work regarding what the company has to offer and what work you will have to do in case you get selected.


When in an interview; you cannot afford to not answer a question.
It is not a good way to go about the interview without being able to answer a question. In case you have no clue whatsoever, then try and make up something; it can be anything related to that subject of discussion. Just don’t stay quiet.


The interviewers are very smart people. So, don’t even think about cooking up stories or beating about the bush. Be genuine and true. That’s what matters most.


Body language is a very important aspect that must be taken care of during an interview.
Even if you are nervous it should not show in your face or actions. So avoid tapping your leg, playing around with keys, looking about or playing around with a pen. All of these are associated with nervousness and to the interviewers it comes out as absent-mindedness.


When answering or asking a question, it is important that you make eye-contact with the person sitting opposite to you. This not only puts up a good picture of you but also induces confidence in your own self. It is yet another way of portraying correct body language

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