Info Graphics For Business


  • This is a module for advanced students and professionals from any non design sector.

  • Basics of visual communication
  • Graphic communication VS Text, Verbal communication
  • Info graphics- the new age language for business presentation
  • Creating Info graphics in Illustrator
  • Concepts to Graphics
  • Replacing Excel Data with Info graphics
  • Presenting in conventional software’s PowerPoint
  • Prezi presentations- the new media for business presentation
  • Storyboarding, copy and art
  • Software fundamentals-MS Office, Adobe

  • Final year students and professionals
  • Aspirants for Post Graduate education (India- Abroad)
  • Aspirant for Big Tag MNC’s
  • Marketing professionals
  • MBA, Engineers, Business analysts
  • Aspirant Entrepreneur

  • You will be highly effective in enrolling your audience and generate business
  • you will be able to sell your idea in half the conventional time and effort
  • You will walk out with new tool to express your ideas in future

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