How to Prepare for Questions of the Speaking Test in IELTS?

We all wonder around, what is that we can talk inside our head but not on the face. No matter how hard we try, the right words don’t approach out on the right time. With this habit being carried along, same happens during our IELTS tests. We plan to score better but we end up getting not even close enough. Ever wondered why it can be so difficult to get a 7-band score in IELTS Speaking Test, while you get good score band in the other 3?
Well if you haven’t, guess this is the right time to take care of your skill and give your knowledge a voice. One can try practising it continuously with some feedbacks received from time to time by the teachers or from someone good at it.

Causes for incompetent Speaking skills

1. Lack of practice
2. No proper understanding
3. Worrying about small things likes pronunciation which doesn’t matter to that extent, etc.

But basically, it is all about the showcase of the positivity in the effort and the way one tries out demonstrating their skills and competence to the examiner.

Some important tips for better Speaking skills

1. Talk with no full-stop. Yes, this might be the right way to show a lack of any noticeable mistake. One must not try and show a lack of coherence in there. The band score of IELTS is directly proportional to the amount you speak and errors are no part of such scores to be determined. It doesn’t focus on what you can’t but looks after what you can. Try to be informative with questions and don’t stop until the next question or until you lack ideas.

2. Use of idioms. One can use some idiomatic vocabulary, ones which are not in common. It shows the style awareness and the examiner, he is just looking out for same. Remember, they want some evidence which doesn’t just attach to the textbooks. Any use of idiomatic phrases can get you an extra point and a better band score in the

3. Questions paraphrasing- No matter how much time you take to answer the question, you are always going to get some extra points if you can paraphrase the question being asked. Don’t wait for it, spit out fast. Try explaining the meaning of the same in your own words or other words which can impress the examiner. Question him like, you understood the question well enough to answer it, no matter if you haven’t and need some time to answer it. It is called an effective strategy. It demonstrates one’s skills, which the right examiner waits to get revealed.

4. Link words and get connected ideas- One can try and use the connecting terms and make sure to provide flexibility while they speak. One can use expressions like the “Also” or the “In other terms”, etc and connect the ideas right and better. Don’t repeat one expression. Try out different. The more you express, the better it gets. With better use of the expression, you can demonstrate better expression of ideas and a way to link words, which can add up to your IELTS band score.

5. Mistakes? Don’t be afraid to do the same. Yes, you heard that right. Your sentences don’t have to be error-free. There can be grammatical mistakes. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to get a less IELTS band score. But one can score badly if they keep thinking about making mistakes and trying to stop it. They can make their conversation slow. This will reflect more mistakes and get noticed by the examiner. So, a better fluency is better to be shown rather than trying for an error-free speech. Although if you notice a mistake, do try and correct. This gets some extra points in your pocket too.

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