Top Myths & Facts of Office Elevator Etiquette

Top Myths & Facts of Office Elevator Etiquette Here we bring you myths and facts about office elevator etiquette (yes, there is such a thing!). While taking those rides up and down your office building, it won’t hurt to be courteous to and considerate of fellow passengers!

Stand to the right

Myth:Board the elevator the minute the doors open, before anyone can get off.

Fact: Passengers should always be allowed to exit first. Stand to the right of the doors, leaving the left and the middle open for exiting passengers.

Hold the door

Myth: Hold the door for a colleague yet to arrive at the elevator bay.

Fact: If you are travelling alone, it is always good etiquette to hold the door for someone running to board the elevator. On a crowded elevator, however, never hold the door or keep all the other passengers waiting for more than a few seconds.

The button pusher

Myth:Ask someone else to push the button for you even if you can easily reach the panel yourself.

Fact:Be gracious enough to push the buttons in case you’re standing near the door in a crowded elevator.

Placebags by your feet

Myth: Hold your office bag or backpack on your shoulders, bumping into others as you enter, stand or exit the elevator.

Fact: Carry office backpacks and all other bulky objects near your feet.Avoid causing discomfort to others.

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Never study sensitive office documents in a public elevator. Remember never to hold confidential conversations in an elevator either. People may take advantage of compromising information, affecting your organisation’s profits and / or brand image!

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