How will soft skills training help you to get a job in future?

How will soft skills training help you to get a job in future ?

The #1 priority for talent development in 2018 has been clearly identified as soft skills training!

A recent LinkedIn report, the 2018 Workplace Learning Report,says that robots do not have soft skills. It points out that as the shelf life of various job skills shrinks in our workplace, business leaders are focussing on arming their millennial workforce with soft skills for tomorrow’s jobs. Training workshops, as well as online learning modules, are being designed by soft skill trainers to meet the needs of a diverse and multi-generational workforce. Today, the growth opportunity for individuals as well as organisations is changing rapidly.

So how are soft skills linked to our employability?
‘Soft skills’ are defined as ‘…desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge; they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude,’ according to the dictionary. On the job front, ‘soft skills’ are a set of intangible and non-technical abilities thatemployers seek from their candidates. Overall, soft skills have less to do with a particular job category and have more to do with the general professional character and personality of a ‘job candidate’.

Key soft skills that employers seek:

  • Problem solving skills(# link to words on that page);
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills;
  • Communication abilities;
  • Leadership qualities,
  • Time management & flexibility, etc.

Importance of proving your soft skill abilities for job applications

Since you cannot prove your soft skill abilities through certifications and technical degrees, how can you showcaseyour talents to the recruiter? This is especially important in case of campus recruitments where your potential as the right candidate is judged on the basis of your soft skills. In such a scenario, your work experience often takes a back seat.
Your ability to exhibit your soft skills during a campus recruitment process is akin to showing your potential as the right candidate for the job.

Soft skills training for selling your abilities at job interviews

A qualified soft skill trainer is best placed to show you how to sell those intangible qualities that recruiters look for. Soft skill training can even help you design your CVs and resumes, highlighting your special skills and personality traits. From exuding self-confidence to making eye contact and the art of a firm handshake – are all part of a valuable training module that helps you discover your own hidden abilities.

The growth path you choose for yourself today may make or break your future career.

To know more, email and get your soft skills quotient assessed and get trained.



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