Creating a future ready workforce

Will my CEO go back to school too?
In June 2016, the CEO and founder of a start-up venture that worked on eliminating middlemen from the supply chain for agricultural produce joined the 2016/18 batch of the PGPM course at MDI Gurgaon. The course, he felt, would arm him with marketing and cash flow management skills for his start-up, apart from a B-school network.

Around the same time, another entrepreneur and co-founder of a food and beverage venture joined ISB Hyderabad for much the same reasons. And he was not alone either, his batch had over 300 other entrepreneurs and start-up founders, including business owners.
So that question we began with—“Will my CEO go back to school too?”—does have an answer; and that is: yes, your CEO is probably going back to school too. Of late, top B-schools like IIM Bangalore, ISB Hyderabad and MDI Gurgaon have been attracting an increasing crowd of entrepreneurs and CEOs. Another equally relevant question, however, is: why?

The future of work is changing, and it is changing very fast.

The unprecedented technological change of our times has triggered a churn that is slowly but surely changing the way we live and work in this world. And the way we work is evolving to meet the new demands of a marketplace driven by advancing technology—by AI in particular—where agile businesses are disrupting the status quo. This new world that awaits us around the corner will need new skills to negotiate it.
Having established why reskilling is important, the next question is: how does an increasingly expanding global workforce—that includes CEOs—arm itself with skills to stay relevant in the future job market?

The answer is through learning tools based on design thinking that will help create a ‘Future Ready’ workforce.

Being Future Ready is the need of the hour and this learning aid traces the counters of an evolutionary framework that the team at Dezinecareers is developing. Leveraging the ‘Design Thinking’ approach, we are discovering a Future Ready toolkit through a process of social experiments, collaborations, and engagements with other academic institutions. This framework delves deep into the individual, unlocks their true creativity and unleashes a heuristic mechanism that allows an individual to rapidly adapt to persistent changes in their work environment.
The Future Ready framework is a result of the personal journeys of our mentors, shaped by their experiences with designing smart creative cities, driven by a belief that our cities retains the DNA of creativity and NOW is the right time to leverage this immense potential.
Future Ready is the life skills which will enable us unlock our true creative potential, navigate an uncertain future and stay on top over the work life cycle. The more ambiguous and undefined a problem, the better equipped you will be to solve it.

In the long run, our Future Ready module will serve as a life skill to test out various prototypes for your career.

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