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Welcome to Dezinecareers Leadership Academy. Unlock Your Unique Leadership Potential.

Our Why

Our Why

Be Unstoppable! Be Brave! Our mission is to unlock your unstoppable self using the natural talents you were born with.

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Since When

For 8 years, Dezinecareers, a boutique professional development academy, has transformed over 12,000 professionals through expert training, coaching, and workshops.

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For Whom

We work with highly committed individuals and organizations.



Our Future Ready solutions blend executive and group coaching with training and facilitation, designed to bridge the skills gap for individuals & organizations in communication, productivity, and leadership.

Why do we need to develop Future-Ready Leaders?

The world is in reset mode. The fourth industrial revolution is here. The good news is, it's not just affecting you—it's impacting the entire market, all business processes, and socio-political systems. Whether you're a CEO or a fresher, welcome to the new game. So why am I having this conversation today? Because I care about your future. By 2030, the World Economic Forum predicts there will be a need for 1 billion workers who need upskilling. New jobs and industries will emerge, requiring a new you. You can wait for those jobs to appear and then upskill, or rise with the wave now.

Let's design this unique, unstoppable you at Designcareers.

Debeshi Chakraborty

Debeshi , CEO

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What is Future-readiness for you?

Future-readiness is a bundle of traits demonstrated at an organizational and employee level to be successful, both today and tomorrow.

The World Economic Forum (Future_of_Jobs_2023 ) report identifies 28 Core skills for workers needed in the future under 8 overarching heads. Notably, 6 skill categories feature prominently and repeatedly among the top 15 skills dentified in the list that is needed today.

Self-efficacy or Self Confidence:
"Belief in one's ability to succeed."

Cognitive or Thinking skills:
"Mental abilities for problem-solving."

Collaboration or Teamwork skills:
"Effective teamwork towards goals."

Management Skills:
"Organizing resources for objectives."

Engagement Skills:
Active involvement and commitment."

Technology proficiency or tech Savy skills:
"Skillful use of technology."

Self Confidence
Thinking skills
Teamwork skills
Management Skills
Engagement Skills
Tech Savy skills

At Dezinecareers, our programs are tailored for behavioural outcomes that match these future-ready skills.

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Our Future-Ready programs

Coaching (Group & Executive), Training, Workshops

The world is in a reset mode, and so is your career. What got you here, won't get you there-Marshall Goldsmith. You need new action to create new results amid this changing economic situation. Everyone has equal access to information like you. But how do you create one?

Lead with your Natural Strenghts

Leverage your natural talents to stand out. Learn how to use your talents as your leadership NDA to transform your career, lead with confidence, and achieve repeated success.
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Lead with your Unique Story

People can copy your product never your story. If your story is authentic, it will create trust in a personal or business brand. Even in the age of Al, people will buy from people and those who can tell their story will stand out.
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