Greeting the Examiner IELTS Tests Basics

The way you greet your IELTS examiner  the moment you meet him / her is going to set the tone of your Ielts exam to follow. Your overall band score depends on how well you perform in each of your IELTS tests – IELTS Speaking test, IELTS Reading test, IELTS Writing test and IELTS Listening test. Get yourself enrolled at a reputed institute under the guidance of an expert coach , who will hone not just your English language skills, but will also groom you to appear confident on the day of your IELTS examination .  

Here are the top 5 tips to be kept in mind while greeting the examiner before you begin with your IELTS Speaking Test .

i.  Before you begin with Part 1 of the IELTS tests , you are expected to greet the examiner. This is unofficially called Part 0.

ii.  There are usually 4 questions to Part 0 .

iii. The greeting usually begins with the examiner’s introduction when s/he shares her/his complete name and asks you to introduce yourself.


Check the various videos online on how best you can greet your IELTS examiner. An audio visual training with a top IELTS training center will help you hone your skills.

iv.  Be precise when you answer this question. Greet the examiner using her/his name. While introducing yourself, make sure to use the same name as shown in your identity card.

v. Make sure not to attach any title to your Ielts examiner’s  name, e.g., Miss or Mister

While greeting the examiner, remember to breathe deeply and relax. Putting on polite a smile always helps. Remember, the first impression is often the last impression. Let a coach from a top IELTS training institute guide you on all of this.

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