5 Tips to Prepare for IELTS Reading Tests

5 Tips to Prepare for IELTS Reading Tests

IELTS reading tests may sound easy to handle, but they are as challenging as the other three tests: the IELTS speaking test, the IELTS writing test and the IELTS listening test. Studying with a coach for your IELTS examination at a reputed institute will help you with the format, the preparation, and the challenges involved.

For the IELTS reading test, you will be given an academic passage and a general passage. You have 1 hour to complete all 3 sections of the IELTS academic reading test (Reading practice test 1). While the academic passage is sometimes difficult to comprehend, the questions for the general passage can be quite confusing. Let’s quickly go through the top five tips to help you prepare for IELTS reading tests.


  1. Read Religiously
    The only way to improve your reading skills is to read whatever you can lay your hands on. This will help you come across new words and you will automatically start to pick up a good writing style.
  2. Take as Many Mock Tests as Possible
    Check with your coach for various mock tests. A good training institute will offer multiple mock tests.
  3. Time Yourself
    Time is a very important factor. You cannot take forever to read and re-read the passage. Time yourself for reading the passage and answering the questions for all the three reading sections.
  4. Stick to the schedule
    Remember that each section cannot go beyond 20 minutes. So train yourself to complete the tasks in less than 20 minutes.
  5. Opening and Closing Paragraphs
    Pay close attention to the beginning and the end. To quickly understand the subject of the test passage, read the opening and concluding paragraphs.

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IELTS reading passages cover subjects such as science, history, environment etc. Read journals and academic texts to prepare better. Try to pick up technical terms

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